Reply To: £ drifting towards 1.31 Euro…



Hi Steve 😉 … and Ian
Many thanks for your replies and link. It isn’t until you see a graph like this that it does hit home the rapid fall of the pound from just last Summer.

The link Ian posted says:
“The problem for many economists is that the drop in the pound will not have an immediate effect on economic growth or manufacturing, forcing the Bank of England to cut rates throughout 2008, weakening the pound even more”.
So this article is intimating it could go lower or at least stay low??, will be interesting to see what happens. Really feel for those needing to complete and having to buy euros at the moment.

Steve wrote: “My focus for the last 2 years has been to own a house in Spain, its not the property situation that will stop me but this total disregard for human rights”.
Ditto, Steve.