Reply To: £ drifting towards 1.31 Euro…



Hi Charlie

Nice to see you posting again, and all good stuff, will join you in front of the demolitions if you come over from Greece, so upset for the Priors, there story really does focus the mind, with respect to all those that are having problems with ilegal builds lfo’s etc, this couple have had there HOME DEMOLISHED in front of them.
This is barbaric behaviour, the EEC and the british govenment should step in immediately, we should have gun boats out of Gib and freeze all further handouts to Spain fom the EEC pending enquires and sanctions.

My focus for the last 2 years has been to own a house in Spain, its not the property situation that will stop me but this total disregard for human rights.

Sorry wrong topic Charlie.

Was going to say the pound will not go below 1.31, can’t explain just now,but it wont during 2008 and it will have a technical bounce next week.

Will stand up and be counted,talk next week

Strve V