Reply To: Demolitions in Vera and Albox


What total incomprehensible incompetence. I’ve just read the story of the Priors to mum over the ‘phone; she says this is worse than being bombed in the War.

The life of this couple has been raped by the Spanish authorities, & they have also been put at further serious risk in terms of their health etc.

In September the FCO wrote to me:
“The European Parliament and the European Commission are actively engaged over the possibility that the Land Laws in several areas of Spain are in breach of EU Law, and we understand that there are cases pending at the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights”.
The final paragraph states:
“We know that we need to continue to exert pressure on the Spanish authorities, and I can assure you that we are prepared to keep doing so”.

I am writing to the FCO again today, & will ask them EXACTLY what they ARE doing. At the moment Michael Cashman seems to be the only MEP fighting this continuously, but sounds like a distant voice in the wilderness to many.