Reply To: Spanish property market 2008: soft landing or train wreck?



At least in canada , New Zealand etc. the Brits can get a real decent paid job. That is almost impossible in Spain.

There used to be about 6 guys, all estate agents who played golf regularly at my golf club. During the past few months they have all drifted back to the UK.

I cannot see how a crash can be avoided, just not sure how low prices will drop. I do see “reductions” but they are not “real” reductions. Just reductions on pie in the sky prices.

To add to the general downturn and overbuilding, there is now a low pound to Euro exchange rate and bad publicity such as the sad case all over the UK papers yesterday. As someone said (Mark?) it isn’t cheap to live here anymore. People don’t realise unless they live here all the time, its different when you are only visiting occasionaly. A friend who moved out last year said this week that he hadn’t budgeted for the high cost of sundries. I did notice yesterday that a packet of butter was 2.87 euros which works out at cerca 2.22 pounds! Not sure what it is in the UK but I don’t think it is as high!