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Thank you for your kind words. Again and again one gets that moment of intuition, that sudden vision of how the market is falling into chaos around us. Ideas and principles that have never been challenged in centuries are questioned for the first time. Whilst everything we have been brought up to accept falls around us, I felt that I had to strike out alone into a new future and seek for myself the unprecedented pattern of adventure in my own life. There is no security or faith left anywhere in the Spanish property market. All Spain is being swept into ruin and dissolution as never before; the very pillars of Spain are falling. I have left Spain.

Success in business is pre-eminently the art of the man who dares take the risk; of the man who thinks deeply and clearly; of the man, who when accident intervenes, is not thereby cast down, but changes his plans and disposition with the readiness of a resolute and reflective mind, which so far as is possible has foreseen and provided against difficulties.

I write as a retired infantry soldier, who before committing himself and his men to battle was taught to think deeply, to plan carefully, and to overcome fear. But above all to respect authority and only to challenge it in a carefully thought out and courteous manner. Making your point when you are able to convince others that they are wrong. Above all remembering that the pen is mightier than the sword, and if you succeed in reaching mens hearts and minds they will follow you. Ladies and gentlemen, train wreck.