Reply To: Spanish property market 2008: soft landing or train wreck?



Just throw another factor in. During the last crash there were a lot less properties on the market. I do know personally a few people who have withdrawn their properties on sale as they are not prepared or don’t need to take a cut. There must be many more who I don’t know who have done this.

The usual bargains happen through death, divorce and ill health. One sold on my street. a Norwegian getting divorced, he was prepared to drop the price to what he paid 3 years before (although he also paid an inflated price in my opinion). He sold fairly quickly to the agents brother!!

I saw a report re. Florida in which it states that the average time to sell a proerty is now 112 days, not as bad as Spain where it takes 2 or 3 years! It also state that the listings are down and many sellers have withdrawn!