Reply To: Bloomberg TV predicts more pain for Spain!


@shakeel wrote:

Besides its quite a common excuse. Similar reasons are given in France & Italy and before the Eastern Europeans/Moroccans it was the Gypsies.

What “excuse” is that Shakeel? Just relating facts direct from the police. Think they know best who form the majority of their arrests, often made all the easier as they usually find their homes full of the ‘booty’.

Incidentally I have relatives in France and friends in Italy who are experiencing a similar situation as here. A marked increase in crime with the influx of immigrants.
I know, all not very PC of me to say all this and for some….shock, horror. But at least our (lovely) Albanian gardener is not in denial and acknowledges what is going on. According to him many only want an overseas contract for the opportunity to carry out their ‘main profession’. Anyway, you obviously feel Spain is different, so be it.

As for crooked developers, lawyers, etc in Spain – that is quite a different subject. Angie was referring specifically to break-ins.
I gather the purpose of your last two lines is to highlight that in Spain there are Spanish crooks also. I think most of us appreciate that fact.
Also most of us are cluey enough to acknowledge there are good and bad in every nation on this planet.
Regarding this particular bunch (the crooked developers/lawyers etc.) having been on the receiving end of them myself and suffered greatly as a result like many here on SPI, I’ve already made my feeling very clear on what I think of them in previous posts. 👿

Am fully aware Inez’s comment may well have been tongue-in-cheek. Just thought it worth posting that a certain Mayor in a certain Eastern European country seems to agree with her …..tongue-in-cheek or not. 🙂