Reply To: Spanish Property Auction 22nd February


Claire 🙂
I would always trust the intuition of a lady against a man. 🙂
You were correct in your picking up on Swansea and thats intuition at its best. 🙂
On a personal note regarding aliases and I have nothing to hide so let me clear up something that in this case the intuition appears somewhat flawed and you appear to have this fasination with who I am.
My name is Jim
The name I use for this forum is Just Frank
The name I use for the other forum is Just Dan and all postings are their and here for anyone to view.
As you know that most of us use different identities on each forum including your goodself as in the main the 2 forums do have a rather different direction and identity.
I am neither pussycat or fairplay, sunsurf. so would appreciate it if you could refrain from insinuating that I may have something hide.
I have removed my postings from this thread as it appears that my intervention was not welcome.
The only reason that I am replying is that I should have the right of reply to incorrect information posted and allowed to remain.
Thanking you in anticiaption of your agreement 🙂

Just Frank 8)