Reply To: Spanish Property Auction 22nd February


@Just Frank wrote:

If correct Swansea then silly you for setting your self up. 😯

And you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you Frank….. 😉

“Accused on a hunch”? No, research, research, research!
Remember Swansea’s “rule” now Frank. He said “I have a rule that anyone not doing quality research is NOT entitled to an opinion”. Well I thought my research was ‘quality’ so assumed I was ‘entitled’. 🙁
When posters come on here and are blatantly rude……

I’m just surprised he’s not in Argentina already:

@swansea wrote:

I am thinking of buying in Argentina, too much corruption and high taxes in spain, smelly dirty towns, over development, too many larger lout brits, too much dirt piled on side of road and not landscaped, too many chavs, too many negative things about banks, developers, british estate agents etc, never thought i would ever buy anywhere than spain, but argentina here i come, very cheap cost of living, vey good life for a few pounds, and free flights if you use american express, i recommend timothy ferris book, the 4 hour workweek.

long live argentina, spain is on the decline.


Hope he’s done his research. 🙁