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@inez wrote:

In defence of Senor Nick – though Im sure he doesnt need it – and at risk of further ridicule, I dont think he is too far out.

Spain is a safe investment, good infrastruture and easy to get to, people are still buying here and that is people who live here, second homes, retirement or enjoyment and large investor funds too – they cant all be wrong

Yes there is a lot of rubbish to trawl through and yes there are and always will be people who for whatever reason HAVE to sell and sell fast, but mid term investment would fit in with the cycle we are seeing now.

Proeprty is cicular and while most people think it is just starting, the facts are the downward trend has been happening for a good 3 years now.

Prices are coming down and if you get a good property good price and ood location you wont lose out – unless you HAVE to sell, but then like anything, if you have to sell at the wrong time, you will lose on it.

As the rest of the so called emerging markets flounder, and fall much faster and further than Spain has, people wanting a safe longer term investment in bricks and mortar will buy here.

OK Im under cover now, so shoot!!!

Id agree with that but I suppose we’ll be in the minority

the biggest problem in Andalucia is the people who used to live here cant afford to live here anymore and thats about cost of living not property prices but they are being replaced with middle class to wealthy English (less volume) and the Germans are starting to come back and you have the andalucian business economy increasing.

There are great oppotunites but its the usual story of money going to money Im afraid

The only negative at the present time is that you can rent for 50% of what the mortgage would cost you (depending on the term) but that wont last forever

No one has a crystal ball and what I have posted here is just my opinion time will prove if I was right or wrong