Reply To: PLEASE PLEASE Any lawyers, please help!UPDATE 19.12.08


Hi Forestfire.

Some events since my last post.

I have talked to my lawyer and we have presente ourselves to the courts plus sent his lawyer correspondence with information stating that we have not been living in the apartment for around 5 months . the time the owner is stating we have been there.

Next thing the guys lawyer rings mine very surprised, saying that he knew nothing of this and was under the impression I was in the apartment!!!

He said he will talk to his client.

It was his first time renting so it looks as though I am the first to suffer this guy. What an idiot.

Worst thing is , I have found a witness who has been in the apartment under the owners request to check how it was and was also asked to organise cleaners, all after I left the apartment, and he also told said witness he had the keys for the apartment.

Perfect I hear you say…she won´t testify as she works for the development and sold the guy his unit. 😕