Reply To: Costa del Sol agents closing down



Here’s a repost of my opinion for what it’s worth.

If you’re not entirely happy with the reputation for honesty of Estate Agents at home here in the UK, wait till you meet some of the ex Transylvanian Donkey rustlers selling unsuspecting Brits holiday homes in Tulcea and Constanta on the Black Sea! Where next? Ski lodges in Nagorno-Karabakh, just 8 days yak ride from Baku international airport. Or Beach Villas on the Aral’s Sea health Spa, specialising in chemical body scrubs, with all the toxic pollution you can drink. “Prices start at 3 million Dram (£15,000), 10% discount if you buy off plan. Legal title guaranteed by The South Caucasus Development Corporation of Kazakhstan All deposits underwritten by the Bank of Chechnya, as advertised on Channel 4 by the regional goodwill ambassador Borat! Don’t miss this ground floor, investment opportunity of a lifetime”……….. I mean seriously they are now advertising apartments in Ulaan Baator Mongolia, to us Brits, as a fly to buy investment destination. The decedents of Genghis Khan must by laughing into their celebratory ‘airag’ (fermented mares milk) cocktails!!!

Don’t let the next, up and coming, leading edge location that’s being pushed as a must have investment, turn from leading to bleeding edge for you!