Reply To: More corrupted to the jail!! (MURCIA)



Last news about the case:

The ex-major of Totana, Juan Morales, was going to receive 1 million euro for the permision in the development of 5000 homes by Nuaria Group. Also he would receive 2 millions euros more when the homes were completed.

After these news appeared today in the media his political party is asking him for dimission in this charge in the goverment of Murcia so he can be charged and judged by the justice.

His political party here in Murcia knew all this but they didnt act until the news were embarrasing for them.

So an evil mayor like this was going to get 3 MILLION EUROS for 1 of the 53 developments approved in very strange conditions before local elections, so you can imagine the level of corruption and the amount of money they get with your savings here in Spain.