Reply To: Murcia – The Next Big Thing?



Many, many of the rental properties, it seems are owned by people who are stretched to buy and need the rental inome to cover their borrowings, therefore, there is little left to pay for upgrading. Same goes for properties where there has been a furniture pack provided and one must agree that this stuff is basic. I have taken a look at a few so called “villas”, bit of a joke. Almost overcrowded housing estates, with poor quality furniture and fittings (OK suppose it is down to what you are used to), but I do not go away to stay in basic accom. Possibly why for the last couple of years, I have gone back to the hotels (not the tourist type, they are low quality also).
Remember, a few years ago, private holiday villas were owned buy those who could afford to buy them, not those who borrow against their home to raise a deposit, then take out a mortagage.
Those are then desperate to rent.