Reply To: Coastal property market downturn


Hi Steve 6
Thats where I can in.
They are still building and take it they must be selling. 😕
As you say they are in business so why keep building because where we are looking it seems like commercial suicide.
Are the new developments back to prices of 2002 or cheaper ,there just dosent seem any accurate figures to base any statements of property falls.
What areas as to say costal properties is a damn be coast ?
We know we have desperate sellers looking to get out due to personal or because the property values/legal status etc.
As said we also have many properties that may become legalised together and this can be seen as positive because the property is legal or negative because a flood of properties may come on the market together.
Why become personal as these seem genuine questions that should be able to be brought up on a forum.

Frank 8)