Reply To: Coastal property market downturn


Just Frank’s optimism does sound like that of somebody desperate to sell home, but I agree that the SPI forum has become too often a site for sore losers. More accurately, a site for people who are losing out because the Costa del Sol is an overbuilt dump where nobody I know in England would even contemplate moving to at the moment. However, it’s not all doom and gloom and perhaps it’s time for those of us with homes in other parts fo Spain to have a say here on occasions. We have a house in Begur in the region of the Costa Brava which isn’t Lloret or Tossa. This part of Spain is beautiful, green, stylish and not overrun with Europeans. We don’t care about making money on our home, but we have – and prices are most definitely not dropping. This region has learned from you guys in the south and restricted new-builds to a relatively small number of villas. The users of this foum do seem to be terribly disheartened about what is happening to the Spanish property market, but look away from the CDS and there’s plenty of good news. And do I ahve sympathy for you. Yes, for those who moved to the south coast many years ago and have seen it transformed. No, for those who thought they were buying into a dream in recent year without doing any research – or making any attempt to learn the language.