Reply To: Polaris World rumour in Murcia Region


@peterparra wrote:

In it we can read that POLARIS spend about 17 millions euro in publicity.
What do you think? Is a waste of money or this strategy is saving them from the run of money off Spain?

17,000 properties to shift, 17 million euro in publicity – if you do the maths it works out as a 1000 euros marketing-investment per property. No doubt they’ll add the 1000 euros onto each property price. A gamble at this stage…yes, but will pay for itself if a healthy percentage of purchasers fall for their publicity.

They need to take this gamble as the company admitted: “A few weeks ago the joys in the accounts of the company dropped its intensity”.
Don’t we all know that one! 😉
I have a feeling the “intensity of joy” will drop even further before it gets better – if ever. Depends how many people believe their advertising.