Reply To: ACTION !!!


New Legislation (re: The Fraud Act) came into force in January 2007.

It was explained to me that fraud can be committed in three specific ways: False Representation, Failing to Disclose Information, Abuse of Position.

The Timing in reporting ‘Fraud’ is crucial – which is why for many of us the job of getting our money back after many years, now has to be done via the Spanish Courts. BUT by concentrating on the process & where it all started from is another matter.

Sorry to sound a bit vague about this, but have tried to explain what is now being investigated, as best as possible.

It’s so important to keep piling on the pressure to the British Government. In view of the seriousness & scale of the property scandal in Spain, I find it amazing that more isn’t being done by them – Yet, that is. Although the news in the link that Paul posted above is encouraging.