Reply To: Domain Name Registration


Hi Inez,

Looked at and similar to UK based registration companies, they don’t seem to offer a ‘.es’ domain. I’m thinking that a ‘.es’ domain will have to come from a Spanish source.

I’ve just finished hunting around the internet and having looked at, which is the govermental area that looks after domain names (?), it seems that things have just changed this month, their site says ….

“.ES: Los nombres de dominio .ES de segundo nivel han sido siempre de carácter restringido, los solicitantes de un dominio .ES de segundo nivel deben cumplir los requisitos establecidos para obtener su asignación. No obstante, con el Nuevo Plan de Nombres de Dominio, a partir del próximo 8 de noviembre va a liberalizarse completamente la asignación de nombres de dominio de Internet bajo .ES. En pocas semanas las empresas, entidades públicas o personas físicas podrán registrar cualquier dominio .es que esté disponible. “

So it looks like an individual can now apply for an ‘.es’ domain, as of this month.

Just for information, if anyone reads this thread in the future, a list of domain registration companies that offer the ‘.es’ name, can be found at

Many thanks Inez,