Reply To: San Jose


Matt – Looking at the above mentioned forum; there are many people asking why they don’t have a BG. A response from the developer’s office on there, in part states:
‘Regarding the bank guarantees, it is not that easy to get bank guarantees to all the clients at once and that’s the reason behind the delay; besides, we are talking about a big development with hundreds of purchasers involved.

We already have in line several entities who will be issuing us with bank guarantees. All of that is nothing but a long burocratic process. Therefore, the fact that the bank guarantees are delayed does not invilved that we San José is acting against the law……..’ End of quote.

A ‘delay’ of 2 years for some on this development & still no BG 👿
Some who do have a BG have discovered it has expired & their apt here is still not completed. Think it’s high time to take collective, strong & unwavering action.