Reply To: Car Hire Rip-Off Bandits – Aurigacrown and the Rest!


This despicable scam has been well discussed on more general sites such as and tripadvisor (Nerja forum).

I have looked into this in some detail. The only on airport operator who does not impose the “FULL/EMPTY SCAM” rip-off is RECORD. Their T&C make this explicitly clear (at the moment!). Brokers such as carjet and doyouspain will re-assign you if you complain after receiving a quote from a “FULL/EMPTY SCAM” company.

Another operator that does not impose the “FULL/EMPTY SCAM” is Hellehollis. They charge for a full tank and always refund if you bring it back full.

Discussion of hire cars is ENTIRELY relevant for a spanish property board. Should you visit more than a few times a year the cost can easily add up to more than a thousand euros. It is part of the property visiting/maintenance cost just as fuel, taxes, lawyers etc.

Furthermore, unlike some of the dreadful stories here, the “FULL/EMPTY SCAM” is easily avoided by finding other companies like the two I have mentioned.

Help eradicate this disgusting rip-off!