Reply To: Two judges give opposing rulings!!



Charlie 😉
Depends in whoes eyes a development is legal. 😕
Almost all are legal on one side of the fence.
The route the developers are going for appears clear in as much as they are saying (and if correct at the Malaga courts have agreed) that its not their fault that the licences have not been given out.
I.E by default they are legally right and looking to push there cases forward.( this is not administrative silence Claire but sort of.)
The important thing here is that very few developments have been actually refusedL.F.Os so they are saying that legally they are right in law.
This is the law ? They get planning/They build,/They get the paperwork.
The purchasers are just caught up in the mess. 👿
Again I am not saying I agree 😕
It would be interesting if Maria or Drakan could try to untangle this one.

Frank 8)