Reply To: Down to Facts


Disagree with both your opinions am afraid.

In my opinion, countryside in places such as Tuscany, Adriatic coast even some of the places in Greece, for ‘hiking around the coast’ are far more ‘breathtakingly beautiful’. Historically-wise places like Florence knock the socks off anything Spain has to offer (though agree the Moorish architecture in Seville is pretty impressive).
Beaches? Nothing that hundreds of other places in Europe do just as well if not better – without the surrounding concrete. Same goes for restaurants and climate.
Yes, CDS is nice and would always consider buying there again one day if Spain gets its house in order – but one of the best places in the world as a holiday destination? I question that.

As for actually buying property there at the moment (as against just having a holiday) – as Frank’s thread titled ‘Is the end in sight’ indicates, I think at present the answer is a ‘No’, 1000’s of people are still clogged up in the corruption mess and will be for a long time, and prices of property are likely to go down still further.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is still total confusion. 😉

I feel a debate coming on……….