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Visitors to Spain/Andalucia/Malaga/Costa del Sol and/or population increase?
There are some recently published statistics from the government – here’s my analysis of the figures (if anyone’s interested!):

1) From Malaga airport authority September 2007 figures.
a. Passengers to date during the year = 10.710.663 (up 4.3% on 2006 so far).
b. Volume of passenger flights up 2.1% on 2006 to date
c. Cargo flights up 14.2% on 2006

2) From the Population Census done by the Government Institute for Andalucian Statistics to end 2006:
a. Foreign residents now account for 6.6% of the Andalucian population – this figure is an increase of 7.8% on 2005..
b. In Malaga province alone this is a 35% increase from 2005 to 2006.
c. The foreign population overall in Spain only rose by 0.4%, hence Malaga province with a 35% increase is a foreign resident population hotspot.

3) From the Government Health Authority, population forecasts:
a. Costa del Sol total population set to rise by 13.2% from 2006 until 2016
b. Comparative population in Andalucia over the same timeframe to rise by 3.65% (hence showing Costa del Sol as population growth hotspot)

4) From the Government Institute for Andalucian Statistics, Population Age Profile Forecast:
a. From 2006 until 2050 total Andalucian population set to rise by 11.4%
b. From 2006 to 2050 the age group 64+ set to rise by an incredible 119%. This age group is significantly wealthier than ever before and is also skewed by the influence of the foreign resident retiring population.

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