Reply To: The Football Village, Estepona



I know a little bit about this development, which I think is probably the best selling thing on the CDS at the moment. It’s part of the much larger overall Valle Romano development

Anyone interested should of course do some research and go and see the site etc. Some posts on this thread just seem to want to put people off without actually having any knowledge or information.

The tie in with the football clubs is a way of promoting the development to fans of certain clubs, that may not otherwise have bought overseas or attended a property exhibition. It’s a bit of branding really – buying a property in conjunction with a brand that you trust.

I understand that all due diligence has been completed between the clubs and Valle Romano. I think that the danger of bad PR is far higher than any potential gains for the football clubs, so they would have been keen to ensure that this was a safe development.

I don’t think that anyone ever expected the place to be full of footballers on holiday, but I think that the clubs do have some obligations to use the facilities once completed. At the moment many use La Manga, for example.

The Football Village apartments are tourist apartments so they will have a management scheme and a proposed guaranteed rental scheme. There is going to be a 5 star hotel that will also be renting apartment units. I think this is similar to the way that you can book apartments managed by the Hotel at La Manga.

Because of their “turistica” status I understand that the IVA is reclaimable in the tax year following completion.

There will also be an array of sports and leisure facilities – the golf course, football academy, spa etc

I have been to a presentation at West Ham, and I have been to the site. I like it and I like the way that the company conduct themselves – it’s not a very hard sell and there’s no inspection trips dragging you round to 25 developments. If you want that experience then give our “friends that cannot be mentioned”, or one or two others a call!

All IMHO of course, and DYOR, as always !