Reply To: 95% of new Spanish houses have defects


“Developers often ‘go’ bankrupt” Sorry, didn’t realise that was a unique trait to Spanish companies.
In addition to roase tinted glasses, it seems many Brits often buy tunnel vision glasses, as they don’t seem to realise that there are many, many, rogue developers and contractors in UK.
First hand experiece only yesterday. An employee paid £300K+ for a new house, from one of the largest and most “reputable” house builders in UK.
The property is two months old. The defect list and schedule reaches around £50K (all as agreed by the surveyor).

Regarding the iffy legal system in Spain, siding with the builder, not like in UK. Heard the one about the Brit in UK, paid £10K for a new kitchen which was very, very, iffy. Result was a Court case by the customer, against the company. Outcome, the customer lost, despite the works never having been completed.