Reply To: Farewell message from ‘Charlie’ and ‘Sofia’


Drakan. 🙂

Thank you for the clarity regarding one of the most important statements in Charlies post and what many are neglecting to understand the reality of the situation
IF THE DEVELOPER GOES BANKRUPT AND YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED,YOU LOOSE YOUR DEPOSIT AND NO ONE IS GOING TO BAIL YOU OUT. (unless of course its before the property is completed and you have a valid bank guarantee which really is vital)
This is a vital point in deciding each and every case on its own merit and the one fits all that only idiots or corrupt laywers would advise to complete without say an L.F.O.can be dangerous advice.
Indeed it may even be that a development may be illegal but as is posted before it may be legal at local level as it has planning but not at another level.
It is clear and vital that you seek independent advice on your case and not be allowed to be totally reliant on forum advice though as shown by Charlie there are very well informed members that can offer excellent guidence.

Frank 8)