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@mg wrote:

OK, what if we all call a spade a spade.

I can do that!

@mg wrote:

“you would rather blame the victims than the scum bags we know about”

So if they were “scumbags”, I assume that you could not determine that in the first, it took them to take your money before you became wise.
Remember, if someone knocks at your door and asking for entry for whatever the reason, don’t go on face value, unless you want to lose out and call them “scumbags” later.

And that comment interests me more than anything. No disrespect to those that have been conned or failed to get justice but the flattery and deceit was obvious.

I was one day in a bar with a corredor and I was bitching about one woman and complaining that I found her stupidity offensive. The corredor responded that she couldn’t be too stupid as she had recently bought 4 off plan properties.

Now, until this day I don’t know whether the corredor meant what he said, had convinced himself that Spanish property purchases were a sign of intelligence in themselves, or whether he had a momentary lapse and thought that he could persuade me that buying was a wise decision.

However, I do know that many people did think that buying was an intelligent thing to do and their demeanour reflected this. It’s they that I have a sneering contempt for. They remind me of an Essex girl jumping into bed with the first man who tells her that she has a touch of class about her.