Reply To: what if


“the conman is the villain”
Never a disputed matter.

“All i ask is that they recieve the punishment that fits the crime, and the victims are compensated, again in a way that fits the crime”
Compensated by who. Many developers are the equivalent of Ltd., companies in UK, formed for one specific development only and if there are no funds, it is unlikely that any challenges through the courts will be of benefit.
In UK, ever tried to get compensated from a company that folds? (try talking to people that paid for large items of furniture and never received onl last year).
Are you expecting that a Governmenent should pay?

“Cheats are still cheats by any other name”
Yes, and the gullible are the gullible, and greedy the greedy, “by any other name.

“the quicker we can get rid of this low-life, who cause so much misery the better”
Agreed and the quicker we educate the gullible, the better.
The greedy, well they always chase a quick buck so if they have suffered financially, it is a gamble they took.