Reply To: Farewell message from ‘Charlie’ and ‘Sofia’


I find this all rather embarrassing 😳 and apologies for bringing this to the top of the pile again.
It seems some people don’t realise this is an old thread – Summer 2006 – resurrected by bettlee yesterday.
To those who kindly wrote, no I am not leaving the forum (apologies to those who would love to see me disappear 😉 ) – I wrote it in a ‘fit of finality’ after winning our case last year because at the time the same questions were coming up almost daily re. BG’s, LFO’s etc.
Inez – you are welcome to do with it as you wish, but please get it double-checked with a lawyer! Majority of info. was gleaned over time from Drakan, but just to be sure I didn’t misconstrue any facts/points of law….

As my old ‘signature’ used to say under my name:
“Beware – no legal qualifications! Just speaking from experiences suffered on the Costa del Sol…”