Reply To: what if


“according to you, it’s the elderly’s fault for being ‘cheated and robbed’ as you put it”
If you believe it, so be it.
You may have been what you considered conned, which has left you with an attitude of always looking to blame and always looking read into something, something that is not there.
Really sad and you may be better off putting your financial losses behind you and concentrating time on making back the lost money.
It is my opinion that your continued comments on Spanish Law is wrong, Spanish Solicitors are wrong, etc., etc., does not get the “sympathy” you so yearn.
Be they right or wrong, the laws which were in place in Spain until now, were the laws agreed in that Country and which you bought or attempted to buy into.
In every Country there is good and bad. In UK there are good and bad lawyers. There are good and rogue builders.
It is not only Spain.
Before being criticised for not keeping to the thread. What if people realised they were gullible, would that help in the future?

Regarding “Didnt the majority of the U.K estate agents have their fingers well into the pie of the Spanish property market” you are obviously talking about the many iffy and unregistered agents and not the many reputable, and registered agents?
Yes, there is the good and bad other than in Spain.