Reply To: what if


Just get frustrated Paul with the Spanish justice.
Am in touch with a lady who still has not had her approx. £100,000 part-payment returned for an apartment that never got built. She paid her money in 2003, developer still has her money and despite ‘winning’ her initial court hearing, they had the cheek to appeal to drag the whole thing out.
What penalty should there be for the cheek-factor in this case? Was just impressed with what I heard this weekend re. the local Greek court.

Am I making a case for you all to move to Greece? Certainly not.
Where I am, there are so many things missing 😥 ….double yellow lines, crime, reality tv, McDonald’s, traffic jams, high-rise concrete jungles, air pollution – you would hate it. You really don’t know ‘grim’ until you’ve been here I can tell you…suggest you stay well away 😉