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Am trying to find the appropriate place to post this, so this ‘What if…’ thread seems the place to be.
What if…..justice was as fair and swift in Spain as it was in Greece this week. This weekend I heard two stories.

Story one: a long-established builder, overstretched himself financially by building too much, quality suffered, complaints came piling in e.g. leaking windows, ignored those, still kept building, sales dropped to a halt as word got around. Judge ordered all assets to be seized, current properties taken over by two other building companies on the basis they will take on all complaints and rectify. Builder concerned banned from operating again. Everyone happy (except builder but tough).
Story two: English guy decided to project-manage his own build. Agreed price for foundations – 7000 euros which he paid. Cement guy later submitted another invoice for 42,000 euros with threat of court if not paid because work ‘apparently’ cost him a lot more than anticipated. English guy refused (actual words were ‘**** ***’, censored it for you Mark 😉 ) and taken to court. Judge says to him forget the 42,000 euros, and ordered cement guy to return 1000 euros of the 7000 as punishment for his cheek. The 1000 euros were ordered to be paid in cash!
Justice delivered fairly, short , sharp and sweet and loaded with commonsense. If only in Spain….