Reply To: Holiday homes lose their shine


Ok as this is a pet passion of mine I had to jump in here

Firstly to most people this is very old news

Secondly as no one knows true prices outside of the UK, then increases and falls are both non existent and basically made up!

Here in Spaion you have differeing prices -:

1. The asking price – usually picked out of the air and added to by the agent who places high commissions on top with the throw away line ‘ hey man, there are millions out there who will make an offer!’

2. The bank valuation – spain based on euros per square metre – not taking into account which way facing, views or not or anything except build size and quality (to a degree)

3. The actual agreed sales price – as rare as rocking horse s**t to be told by agents etc therefore no benchmarking can be seen – except on certain agent sites!!!

4. The escritura price!

So in a big nutshell, how oin earth can anyone tell the true increase/decrease when there ar so many vaiarbles.

It really annoys me.

Anyway take this as a scenario – buyer buys at 100k. Declares 70k (thats then the official price!) Decides to sell. Places it at 150k as advised as others are ‘selling’ at that price. Accepts 120K

Is that an increase on price or a decrease?? What do you base it on!!?

From my point of view and bearing in mind how many people I now am getting desperate to get rid of their proeprty (I am last resport for them) and how many are listeneing to me with regards to pricing, I would say prices have decreased from the overinflated prices of yesterday and are basically in line with what they should have been over the years. However, there are people who for whatever reasons have to sell and therefore will drop thier price to get rid of and move on – same all year around and all the world over.

End and thank you for listening!