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Charlie 🙂

Just Frank wrote:
yes they are illegal builds in the eyes of the County Council but not in the eyes of the town hall who granted the building licences.

Charlies reply.
And for me, this is the whole crux of the matter Frank.
The people behind ‘the eyes’ of the town hall have all been arrested, and the ‘big white chief’ of them all is in prison.
So does their issuing of these licences have any relevance when weighing up what is legal and what is not?
I would have thought the actions/decisions of ‘criminals’ does not balance out the actions/decisions of the Junta de Andalucia.
Just my simplistic (layman) way of looking at things.

Totally agree however also as a layman and looking at reality the clock cant be turned back.
Someone murders you and they are a criminal and get sent to prison however your still dead.
They received the PLANNING PERMISSION by whatever means and( yes some are criminals) similar goes on in every country in world and we cant change the world either.(Greed ,corruption, make lots of dosh,dont get caught and they say your a V.I.P) as your loaded.

Also my simplistic (layman) way of looking at things

Wish yours was right though 😉

Frank 😉