Reply To: Tell the World



Hey Frank – I did ask you to keep this quiet – theyve all been on the phone to me this morning you know! I had to tell them no – these 4 are for Frank at that ever so special price!

Glad you liked the wine – I told you it was the top stuff – ps the King of Spain just bought on the block next to you but keep that one shush!

I had it confrimed today that Disney will be starting the build in october this year, their hotels are already overbooked so I took a liberty and offered them your apartment for the whole winter season! There is also a mate of mine in Duquesa port who handles holiday lets and he has taken it for the summer – of course you can have a couple of weeks yourself, just let them know, but the rest of the 53 weeks this coming year are taken!!!!!

Oh and the ones you are selling on? I have a buyer for them already, netting you 50k each in cash, but keep that under you hat as well.

Im so glad I bought a couple and got me muvver, bruvver and cousins to go there otherwise we would all have had topay the phase 3 prices which, would you belevie it, are DOUBLE what you got em for!

Thanks for the deposit – off out to el Corte Ingles now to book that round the world trip I promised my kids………………. 😆