Reply To: Two judges give opposing rulings!!


And I guess the defendant with the heaviest brown envelope gets the judgement! 😆
Hi Charlie, I totally agree with you, they should check things out thoroughly but lets say they did, then decided to take a chance on the basis that the Town hall big boys promise that everything will be fine, a couple of apartments get given over to the family of said guys and then the doodah hits the fan!

Is the developer still ‘guilty’ I except the answer is yes if you use actions and consequences as the rule, but unfortunately nowadays with clever lawerys and no doubt more big brown envelopes still around there is no telling.

Somehow I just feel its the legal systems way to get the issue to a higher court unfortunatley I dont know enough about the system here – shame as I am 2 years qualified in the UK!!! and really should take more of an interest, but if the higher court is in Seville and then Madrid, it would seem to me to be a test case at the same time getting it out of Marbella! And also if one of the judges had a relative with property caught up in the case he as trying – would that have a bearing! One wouldlike to think not…….!!!