Reply To: Two judges give opposing rulings!!


@katy wrote:

After the initial press articles it sort of died in the media.

Katy, no surprises there then. 😆
There are not many who do not have a sticky finger from having it in the pie – and it’s certainly not just in Marbella where halos are firmly round their necks, that’s for sure.

Hi Inez – I take on board your pint – your point even (!) – about generalizing. But can I ask one thing. At what point does a developer shelve responsibility? These are business men for goodness sake with often millions of euros investment involved when buying land to develop. Are you telling me that it is beyond their responsibility and capability to check (or for their lawyer to check) that the land they are buying has the appropriate licence that is in accordance with the 1986 PGOU plan of the Junta? It really is not rocket science for a lawyer to simply check this, and in my view if they didn’t check this (or turned a blind eye) then they are culpable.

Hate disagreeing with you ‘cos I think your posts are great (to the point and honest….despite being a professional :wink:) , but on this one think we’ll have to agree to differ. Just can’t see how there can ever be an ‘innocent’ real estate developer – it’s his responsibility to have the checks done, it’s part of his professional job.
Will split a bottle when I’m next over to show no hard feelings!

By the way, have decided against Morocco (remember?) – any other suggestions??!! And no, not interested in two great off-plans at half-price THANKyou.