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Also when one registers as unemployed, although they do ask for qualifications etc, the individual states what work they are looking for , so the figures for builders/construction workers, may not necessarily reflect people in that industry who have joined the ranks of unemployed, but include many wannabes who believe that is where they can earn the best money.

That’s interesting. If there is a slowdown in new construction it could be that many people who were attracted to Spain by the construction boom and who aspire to working on a constrction site might find themselves hanging around with no money. It wouldn’t exactly add to the ambience, would it?

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In some areas , decent, reliable, reasonably priced builders, have enough work on their books to see them through the next 12-18 months if not longer!

I know a guy in the UK who is a builder. He’s 60 so he’s been through a few booms and busts and he tells me that he will never struggle to get a job because of his good reputation. He works for 6 months every year in Manchester and then winters in India.