Reply To: Positive experiences when buying & living in Spain



When people ask about off-plan purchases it is usually downright dishonest to be positive.

Why would it be dishonest to say I have had a positive experience buying off plan when i did. I know someone on Los Lagos who also believes he has a positive outcome, and as far as i can see he has. I don’t understand why you think that’s dishonest. You may think it’s misguided, you may even think it’s foolish but it’s not dishonest.

If i was in the market, i would still look at off plan, clearly i would look very carefully indeed given the experiences of others here, but i would still look. there are people on here who have bought long time built properties who still have the same problems as off plan, in some cases far worse.

My insight is different to yours and is no less valid to anyone seeking it.