Reply To: Positive experiences when buying & living in Spain



Just so you know I’m here Charlie, another “happy bunny.”

I find the whole idea of a “happy thread” pointless, as it’s not the point. I say advice from “happy Bunnies” is just as valid as advice from those that are clearly not happy, this forum doesn’t need a special happy thread, people come for advice not to read a thread which apparently should read “I’m Happy”

We can argue the merits of positive vs negative all day (night, month, year ) balance in my view is that positive advice from “happy bunnies” should not be seen as an attempt to blame the obvious victims of wrong doing in Spain.

I wish i could get you to understand this is not war, chances are you’ll come out of it alive (unless you worry yourselves to death) I’ve lost money in the past. I’m currently arguing about £42,000 in the courts and as far as i can tell the outcome of my UK (non property) case is a lot less certain than many of the cases which appear here. I can not afford to lose it, but I’m not consumed by the fear of losing. I’ve said it before not many (if any) have lost their money yet, it’s just the worry of not knowing and I’m sorry about that, but this is not personal.

FEAR=Fantasised Experiences Appearing Real

Anyway back to the real world