Reply To: Unemployment



I dont know exactlyhow the system works here, but being unemployed, and claiming benefits are NOT the same thing.
I believe you have to have worked for a minimum of 1 yea to get any benefits,but thta limits you to a certain length of time you can claim money. the payments are not flat rate but linked ( at first aywya) to your previous wages, hence the amount of cash jobs. no one able to claim 900 euros a month 9(+ possibly some occasional extras) is willig to take on a full time job at 1300, and possibly incur childcare costs etc, and tthat’s understandable, albeit wrong. A friend who with OH has a painting decorating business, has just got a big long term contract, and she cant get staff. well not legal ones, and thye need to be legal for this particular job. they have all worked for her before ( odd jobs here and there, acsh in hand etc, but arent interested UNTIL their benefits ru out in about 1 years time !

The wages may not sound all that good, but in addition transport is provided to site and coffee breaks and meals paid for as well as uniform provided, so all in all not really a bad deal, at least not in this area for that kind of unskilled work.

Also when one registers as unemployed, although they do ask for qualifications etc, the individual states what work they are looking for , so the figures for builders/construction workers, may not necessarily reflect people in that industry who have joined the ranks of unemployed, but include many wannabes who believe that is where they can earn the best money. In some areas , decent, reliable, reasonably priced builders, have enough work on their books to see them through the next 12-18 months if not longer!