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Ths rise in unemployment , the seond consecutive on,e followng that of Jly, doubles that registered in August of last year, when unemployment rose by 28,693 people. In the last 12 months,unemployment has accumulated an increase of 44,619 persons (2.25%)

I have not put it into the best English, but left it as near to the original in use and position of words , in order to help you see where you might have gone wrong.

Thanks, Nikvin. It’s always the little mistakes that send me off on a tangent. I confused doce with dos, believe it or not.

So it is a 2.9% increase month on month but a 2.25% increase year on year.

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Like most countries Spain experiences seasonal fluctuations, especially the summer months, with school leavers registering as soon as they are old enough, and wanting the summer off before they even look for work.

The constant influx of foreigners also increases these numbers. many register as unemployed before they get any other paperwork sorted.

They do say that the figures are a temporary blip but it’s double the increase of last August according to El Mundo. Would there be a significant increase in those leaving school or foreigners seeking work?

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surprisingly, perhaps, there are many jobs going begging, because of a variety of resons. there are generally shortgaes of some trades (mechanics, coach drivers seem to be in short supply)low wages, and fairly high unemployment benefits for some that qualify. Allso lots of “blackeconomy” work, which people can get away with doing at the same time as getting their benefits cheque every month. Why take a job fror 1200, 1300 pcm or so, whne you are still entitled to 900 a month for staying at home doing nothing! and maybe ” earn ” another 500 or so on the side for a few days here and there!

Yes, that all happens everywhere. I don’t know how the social security system works in Spain. I imagine that some will enjoy the benefits that they are entitled to before applying for a job as a bus driver with associated reduced wage and so there will be some lag and distortion in the figures.

Could that be the reason for the unusually high jump?