Reply To: Positive experiences when buying & living in Spain


Er, most of us HAVE posted before about buying/living in Spain relatively problem-free. However, our comments usually get buried beneath the usual landslide…

I moved here in 2003, first bought house in 2004, very cheap (42k), via an agent (who I wouldn’t touch now with a barge pole…but…no problems, although I did sack my lawyer half way thru and winged it!).

I bought another property earlier this year direct from vendor. Bargain, big cortijo, large plot of flat land, pool, 90k. Did my own conveyancing, no problems.

I live here permanently. I run my own successful business (same as I used to do in the UK), I only have to work one or two days per week to earn more than enough € to live comfortably on. I was in my 30’s when I moved here, now early 40’s, am female, live on my own, speak Spanish, have Spanish and English friends…am perfectly happy with my lot here! Is that positive enough for you?!

What’s the matter – do some of you truly believe that it’s not possible to be a success story out here just because you personally weren’t? Is it jealousy or what? 🙄