Reply To: Positive experiences when buying & living in Spain


Oh dear, some of this page 2 has gone a bit wobbly and off-track (bit like the ‘court case’ thread….!)

Just a reminder that the thread title is: Positive experiences when buying & living in Spain

Considering there has now been over a thousand views so far, I feel it’s disappointing but interesting the lack of posts/posters.
We’ve had just four people who I know have ended up purchasing successfully: Katy, Marksfish, Melosine and Mike. (Am not counting your contributions, Inez 😈 !!)
What does that tell us….that the majority of happy bunnies are getting on with their lives in the sun and are simply not interested in sitting indoors on the ‘puter adding ‘balance’ to a forum?

I truly suspect this thread will soon just die a natural death, as with the ‘No moaning Minnies’ and the ‘Good News Thread’. Just four contributors bothering to spend time to relate their positive experience says it all really.

And isn’t it fascinating…..the very people who complained the loudest and longest about lack of balance – the double-act with the townhouse for sale –
have not contributed one word.

And what about all their ‘friends and acquaintances’ they bragged about who have never had a problem? Surely they could be motivated to add some balance?
No?…. oh, ok, they’re just not interested then. What a surprise.
So, so much for them truly caring that there is some ‘balance’ on the forum. Maybe they don’t post anymore as they’ve sold the townhouse……?

Or maybe they’re just chilling out and drinking their cocoa……