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PaulandLyn, having read the thread from the beginning, it appears to me that you are the ones that sent this thread off course so spectacularly with your 2 posts in response to JustFranks. This happened on page 2, of the now 7 pages.

If your “pet hate” is not having this kind of discussion or these kind of views aired, you went completely the wrong way about it.

If you feel so strongly, then you should have started a new thread on the topic of people airing these historic views, instead of hijacking this one.

These forums are places where people can express their views freely and people who have been caught in the scams are still suffering the after effects and in the main wish to stop others suffering the same fate, as well as trying to find a way out of their own personal nightmare. It is frustrating to see the same things happening now (3 – 5 years down the line), the same lawyers doing the same things, their developer still trying to sell dodgy houses to the unsuspecting and the dodgy REA’s doing the same, while loudly proclaiming that all is “fully legal”.

I’m guessing that a lot of new forumers only read the most recent threads which is why the stories keep cropping up. If the warnings are fresh, it may save others the heartache.

When this post veered off course, had the “problem, problem” section been set up? I cant remember, I lose track of time on this thing.

I for one who is caught up in the property scam, neither through speculative greed gone wrong or forgetting my head totally (we genuinely thought we had all bases covered), we dont need unhelpful judgements from people like yourselves. Talk about kicking people when they are down! Try to sympathise even if you cant empathise.