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Shakeel – at least the tip was already in existence when you took your ‘calculated view’ to purchase a flat next door. You had the choice to live next to one or not. Natalie and her neighbours are not having this choice if the council/landowner get their way.

@mg wrote:

Have wildlife surveys been conducted?
Has a traffic impact study been conducted?
Things that should be taken into consideration prior to consnet includes: dust, blasting, noise, water protection and pollution, lighting, archaeology preservation, maintenance of woodland, landscaping, ecology, weeds, soil handling, restoration, hours of operation and access.

Natalie – mg has come up with a good list, perhaps worth passing on to your parish council’s committee in case they’ve missed a few of these points?
Also has your committee sought legal advice from a good lawyer who specialises in this type of situation? Local councils cannot necessarily always win, especially if you have good legal representation which I feel is essential.
Personally, I like William Hague, think he is a ‘doer’ – hope he can help. Wish you good luck with this.