Reply To: Is it so bad



There does seem to be a lot in the news recently about guns and kids. However, the fact that the shooting of an 11 year old is the first item on any national news broadcast and on the front of national newspapers is precisely because it is so unusual. When does the death of an 11 year old on the roads (a much more common – but just as tragic – event) ever make the national news? By relying on the media reports it is easy to let the fear of crime become out of proportion to the reality.

I accept that there are places in Britain where you would not want to go (especially after dark), but these are few and far between and probably exist to some extent in most countries. I live in a large city in the Midlands and am happy to travel around the city and for my children to do the same. Always remember that the media do not report the lives of most people but, rather, concentrate on the extremes.