Reply To: ACTION !!!



Much has been written on this thread re. contacting Jim Murphy, our new European Minister, to see if he is willing to help in any way re. helping British purchasers in the form of putting pressure on Spain in the areas needed to protect the rights of those who have been on the end of blatant corruption.
After what I have read, FORGET IT!! This man is incapable of protecting the rights of British citizens in their own country.

This poodle of George Brown, regarding a vote on the so-called ‘revived EU constitution’ which a poll states that three quarters of the public want a referendum on, and despite it being a promise to hold a referendum in Labour’s manifesto, states (in support of his ‘Master’):
“Calls for a public vote are frankly absurd”.
(He also dismisses claims the treaty is simply a relabelled version of the rejected 2005 constitution, which if he was honest would acknowledge it is).

Well, Mr. Jim Murphy, with that arrogant and total disregard for the British public, hopes that you would stand up for us either at home or abroad, are also “frankly absurd”, as we now realise.
I say: Michael Cashman for Minister of Europe!