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i am one of those who got shafted in 2002, well before the corruption/scams blew up. We bought after gaining what knowledge was available at the time and doing our homework, using similar care to we would in the UK. Sadly, unlike in the UK, we were conned by those we felt we could trust as part of the legal ststem, simple as that, not only by the UK agents, but by the lawyers and the developers. The reason we and others still bang on about it is simply because of the rubbish system that means we still haven’t got justice after over 5 years down the line. If a half decent system were in place with regards to planning/building regs etc, and corruption issues had been nipped in the bud, then we would either have a nice appartment to be proud of, or at least we would have our deposit back and have moved on, and i dare say most of todays problems wouldn’t exist?. For those not caught up in this nightmare then i realise it must be very frustrating seeing continual bad press. I just wish that the anger was aimed more at the guilty parties and not the victims of crooks. That way it would probably help us get justice and move on, and help Spain out of the current mess.

Believe me, we are as sick and tired of this as anyone. We will not lay down and die, we will see this through until we get justice as i’m sure you would if in the same position. Only then will we stop shouting about this as loud as possible, as often as needed and to as many people as possible. and move on.